Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hudud Sharia Law in Brunei

In support of Sharia Law

Posted  on: 7 May, 2014
Being South East Asian, I can’t help but hear that Brunei has started to implement Sharia Law.
Being Muslim, I can’t help but say “alhamdulillah” and very much make dua for other Muslim countries, be it in South East Asia or other parts of the world to follow Brunei’s footsteps.
Then suddenly, Brunei was criticized left, right and centre for implementing Sharia Law.
It was to a point that celebrities are boycotting hotels belonging to Brunei. All because of one small article in the Sharia Law where homosexuals will be stoned or fined, without knowing (or even investigating) that gays won’t be stoned for being gay, unless they fornicate in public and witnessed by four honest adult Muslims. If their fornication was witnessed by a camera and was reported by someone to the authorities, the gay couple will only be fined, not stoned.
A friend of mine placed this image on her timeline and I’m sharing it here for the whole world to see.
The punishments such as getting stoned for adultery and homosexual practices, and cutting off the hand for theft is not as simple/straightforward as one might think.
Even then, to amputate a thief’s hand or to stone an adulterer need a 100% guarantee (without any reasonable doubt) that the thief/adulterer really did the act. If it is only 75% guarantee (beyond reasonable doubt), the thief/adulterer will only be fined or imprisoned, just as what is done in civil proceedings.
It is rather ironic how some people in the Western world wants to save Bruneians from their king.
Being South East Asian, I can’t help but note that the Bruneians are actually one of the most fortunate people in the world who has a king that they love and also loves them.
Income tax is not imposed upon them.
Education is free for them up to university level. They can choose to stop at high school but as citizens, they get scholarships to study undergraduate, Master or PhD locally or abroad. Non-citizens and citizens who did not have the grades necessary for scholarship pay only ~$6000 annually to study with professors who are paid that same amount monthly.
They get absolutely free healthcare, where citizens get wheeled to receive treatment in Singapore or Malaysia at the expense of the government if such treatments are not available locally.
Nevertheless, this backlash is a test from Allah. The Bruneians want to please Him, and He tests those who want to please Him.
It is our job as Muslims to study the Sharia law, explain it to the masses and support it.
Supporting the Sharia Law does not make me Bruneian. It makes me Human and it makes me Muslim.